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President's greetings

Thank you for your continued cooperation.

Since our establishment in 1918, our company has been responding to the needs of all of customers, mainly for civil engineering and construction of ports for about 100 years.

Currently, as a general construction company, we have built construction results in various fields such as rivers, water and sewage, land development, road construction, and sand and sand control, and gained the trust of the owner.

In addition, in recent decades, we have participated in numerous construction projects in the field of ground improvement and received high praise as a specialized contractor.

At our company, we will make quality control and safety management more thorough, further research on technology, and work on enhancement of ships and equipment.

In the future, we will work together to make sure that all employees work together to ensure that we can properly and strictly respond to our customers' needs.

Ieshima Construction Co., Ltd.
Koichiro Nakano



Ieshima Construction Co., Ltd.

Main store:
〒 672-8048
59 2 Miyake, Katsuma-ku, Himeji City, Hyogo Prefecture
TEL 079-234-1081 FAX 079-234-2978

〒 553-0001
Osaka City Fukushima Ward Ebie 1-chome 2-16
TEL 06-6458-6171 FAX 06-6458-6712

President and CEO Koichiro Nakano

Principal capital:
300 million JPY

Setting up:
January 18, 1974

Construction work permit number:
Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism permission (specially) No. 901

Construction Type:
Civil engineering work completion work Paving work / construction work

Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation / Mizuho Bank / Hyogo Shinkin Bank / Himeji Shinkin Bank / Kansai Urban Bank / Minato Bank / Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ

Main customer:
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, West Japan Expressway Co., Ltd., Hanshin Expressway Co., Ltd., Water Resources Agency, Japan Water Works Agency, Honshu Shikoku Interchange Highway Co., Ltd., Urban Regeneration Organization, Hyogo Prefecture, Osaka Prefecture, Tokyo Prefecture, Tokyo, Kobe City, Osaka City, Himeji City, Himeji City (Ieshima Town)
Other public offices and private companies



Our Works

April, 1919】

Founding of construction industry Nakano Shoten (in Ieshima Town, Hyogo Prefecture)

January, 1952】

Change to a corporation, Ieshima Construction Co., Ltd. established

【March, 1952】

Hyogo governor registration


Changed registration to the Minister of Construction

​【November, 1963】
Changed capital to 20 million yen

【April, 1966】

Change of registration to capital 50 million yen

【February, 1972】

Change capital to 100 million yen

May, 1970】

Head office moved to Himeji city

【February, 1977】

Tokyo branch established

April, 1978】

Hachinohe branch office opened

December, 1978】

Change to capital 180 million yen

April 1983】

Sapporo Sales Office, Kochi Sales Office, Nagasaki Sales Office established

May, 1985】 

Head office new office building completed

December, 1987】

Chiba sales office established

【September, 1989】

Change to capital: 187 million yen

October 1992】

Nagoya branch established

【December 1997】 

Name change of Hachinohe branch office to Aomori sales office

【March 1998】

Changed to capital 300 million yen

April 2000】

ISO 9001 certification acquired

【November 2000】

Received the National Technology Development Award

April 2007】 

Kagawa Sales Office established

May 2007】

Established Yokohama Sales Office

May 2009】

Received the Secretary of Fisheries Award for achievement of national fishing port maintenance business promotion

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