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Soil improvement

Soft ground to strong ground.
Achieved with the Japanese leading advanced technology.

 Soil improvement work is a work whose results are hard to see, but it is a very important technology in a country with many earthquakes.

 In this field, Ieshima Construction owns our own construction machine, and is one of the few companies that boast top-class achievements in Japan and 30 years of history.

 We will respond to various soil improvement needs with our extensive lineup and construction methods.

 In recent years, the construction results have been steadily built up in the fields of SDP-N (Static Densification Pile -New method) method and SCP (sand compaction pile method and dynamic sand piling compaction) method, and efforts with major general contractors We have also achieved results in overseas development (Republic of the Philippines).

List of methods

 Even if it says soil improvement in a word, measures and construction methods will vary depending on the ground condition of the site and the surrounding environment.
 We cope with various construction methods centering on "Sand compaction pile method" which is density increase method (compaction method) that certain effect is confirmed by measures against liquefaction, and SDP-N method.

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